SOEKS EcoVisor™ F4 - Most Advanced Detector

Find High Levels of EMF and Radiation, Test Your Food and Water

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For a Safer You

Portable Laboratory in Your Hand. Always ready.
Proactive Radiation Detector

Detect ionizing radiation and dose. Anytime, anywhere.

Automatic EMF Meter

Analyze magnetic and electric fields. The ones that matter the most.

Healthy Food & Water Tester

Check quality of fresh products and water. It's all about your health.


SOEKS has launched a personal radiation and food testing meter that maintains high accuracy at a more affordable price... a small, portable and affordable unit, it's quite an achievement

EcoVisor is a very good product. It has already paid for itself. Found high levels of nitrates, measured the EMF accurately with high readings around certain appliances

Works great, but most importantly, it is very easy to use. I do not have to become an electrical engineer in order to understand the readouts, the presets make it easy. Plus good customer service. I highly recommend.

Love it. I was worried that this would be a gadget that I would play with for a few days and then end up in a drawer. But I use it all the time. All four functions are super accurate and really well calibrated. It's easy to use and there's no complicated setup.

  • Innovation leader since 2008

    SOEKS patented nitrate tester, and innovative radiation detectors helped 1,000,000+ people to stay safe for 11 years

  • Patented Technology, yet easy to use

    With several Patents and numerous international awards, SOEKS products deliver cutting edge technology that everyone can use. Easier than your smartphone.

  • Superior Quality

    All SOEKS devices are developed, designed and manufactured in Europe by the best engineers. All components are Tested and Certified by CE, ROHS, EAC, ROSTEST, ISO 9001

    SOEKS Ecovisor Inside View