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SOEKS REAL Customer Reviews - Testimonials

SOEKS is proud to offer industry-leading Geiger counters, radiation detectors, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters that help people in their daily lives.

We stand behind the quality of our products. And what is a better proof than the kind words of our loyal and satisfied customers?


Great product
"I have used this to check my everyday purchase of fruits and veggies.already found peaches,not local that were very high in nitrates,cost 1 peach.lol.also checked my bottled water,I am very satisfied and would recommend that anyone concerned about heath and source of there food to have this.with all the suppressed news on radiation reaching our west coast I would want this.thanks..mike"
Mike p.
SOEKS EcoVisor 5-in-1
"My overall experience was very good. Do you have more information, a manual, for operation?"
E S.
Great Geiger counter. Fulfillment on standard shipping is slow.
wanted to check outside for no am radio reception
"This detector did not help the investigation. I assume that the correct sequence is power on, measure, and use."
Lester S.
"Worked fine easy to use delivery as promised thank you"
ken b.
SOEKS EcoVisor 5-in-1 Geiger Counter, Dosimeter, EMF, Water, Nitrate Food Tester
"Our health will greatly benefit from using the EcoVisor 5-in-1. For instance, we were appalled to find the high level of nitrates in farmed salmon: ~1300 mg (per kg of product). It looks as if they have done it on purpose. The tester is also useful for testing high electromagnetic fields like the ones emitted by electronic devices or wiring, which are also often unconstitutionally used against people. "
Nadina G.
Soaks Ecovisor 5 in 1
"Fantastic easy to use device. Gives you accurate readings and a good battery life.. highly recommend for anyone. So simple to use."
Robert E.
Best GC/Dosemeter for this price
"The ease of use, accuracy and comprehensive features make the Soeks Quantum impossible to beat. Some of the features aren’t very intuitive, but tech support responded quickly and easily answered all my questions. Flexible data logging, the ability to copy CSV files to the computer via USB and long battery life make this great for long-term monitoring applications."
Pat F.
soeks meter
"good experience, easy to use, easy to understand readout, favorite function is the dose meter. I am happy and would recommend this product"
John R.
Soeks EcoVisor 5-in-1
Nuke Info Project NW
"It is easy lightweight and instantaneous I am about to test around the Columbia Basin around Hanford for journalism"
Louisa H.
Very pleased with all features
"I bought this meter based on (**** mother) Karen Macdonald's recommendation. Every feature is easy to use, readings are fast, and I feel confident in the meter's accuracy."
Portable Geiger Counter
"This product is Great. Well made and easy to use."
guy a.
Thank you for your time to write this review! We really appreciate it. - SOEKS USA
Keep up your good work!
weird that background wave
"very interesting. I run it continuously since two weeks and was even x-rayed at a hospital. Very strange, as a non-professional, is this wave like background radiation. The x-ray was from 1, 23,96, 7,89(reflection). Sometimes background radiation peaks at 0,41-0,54 uSv, when the monitor blinks at the same time."
Daniel T.
Thank you for your review! You are absolutely correct - the radiation is non-constant and acts as waves, the exact reason you could see different readings even at one spot. When radiation increases, the device lets you know about that. - SOEKS USA
GREAT , BEST 5-in-1 instrument i've ever had
"Juste great, this little 5-in-1 instrument is the best analyser i've ever used.Presise enough and clear information dispalyed. Starts very fastly. Bravo to the SOECKS team! I highly recommend this product. :)"
Thank you for your kind comment, Javier! The whole team is very proud and appreciates it! - SOEKS USA
Affordable protection
"Very nice unit. Easy to use, easy to carry. Portability is important."
Rodney H.
Thank you a lot for your review! - SOEKS USA
"I’ve owned this Soeks Defender for over 3 years and it has run constantly without fail for pretty much that whole time. Every few months I need to reset the counter because it has an alarm that won’t quit beeping until after you do. I highly recommend this device to anyone wanting to know the level of radiation in their area. I once took it with me while I was having Facet Nerve Blocks performed on my back and was amazed how high (Dangerous) the momentary pulses of X rays are during these procedures. When my mom underwent stress tests for her heart, anytime she came into the same room this device showed dangerous levels of radiation until a few days later. I will someday upgrade to a Soeks device that transfers the data to a storage device. "
Steven Wolfe
A very good product
"This is a very good product. It has already paid for itself: found high levels of nitrates in Watermelon (325+), Ball-park Hotdogs (860-1100!!), Ham (800+!!), Salmon (325+). This handy device also measured the EMF accurately: readings are high around certain appliances - as expected. Yet we did not expect some of the readings we found in certain areas! ( i.e.- Indoors, opposite smart meter outside) The Rad detector showed higher readings on some metals & varied glassware of different compositions. Test your natural stone countertops! Very happy with the unit. It saved my elderly mother from illness due to high nitrates in favorite day / nighttime snacks! I also felt ill on a number of occasions. Now I know why! Thank you for this multi-purpose product!"
John L.
Good detector
"I am retired now but spent 35 years in the radiation detection profession. Towards the end of my career I was specifying detectors for various radiation control purposes and must say I am positively impressed with this unit after using it for a while. The quality seems very good and all features are functional. I've had it for only a few weeks, so the only aspect in my mind left to be determined is its durability, which only time will tell. I use the Am241 source from an old smoke detector to check the Quantum's response before using the unit. Have some fun and take your unit (with the alarm setpoint set several times background) with you next time you go to the doctor or dentist for an x-ray....you might be surprised at some of your readings! The data display and recording capabilities of this device go far beyond the raw readout instruments I started with many years ago, making me a very happy customer so far."
Aileen S.
Works great, but most importantly,
"Works great, but most importantly, it is very easy to use . . . I do not have to become an electrical engineer in order to understand the readouts . . . 3 preset readout limits make it easy . . . plus good customer service . . . I highly recommend, jim"
James G.
Huge Geiger Muller tube SBM20-1
"The quintessential Russian tube. It's huge and very sensitive to beta and gamma than most. This is still one of my favorite all around beta gamma tubes. Great performance! I must say that their latest model is even more impressive."
Detector seems to work well
"Detector seems to work well enough. Shipping was pretty fast, about four days. One problem, when I received my unit it came with a European style charger which I couldn't use living in America. I contacted the website and two days later they said they would send me the correct charger. All in all it's well worth the money."
L. Wolf
good Geiger counters for reasonable
"good Geiger counters for reasonable prices. Perfect gift for survivalists and prepers"
Drake H
Yaşar K
Great company
"At any rate, this is really a great company and the service was extremely fast -- in the blink of an eye in fact. Don't forget though, that if you live in Canada, you will have at LEAST an extra $35 customs and taxes added (nearly exactly that if you live in Alberta but likely more in other provinces). At any rate, everyone should own one of these devices since media will never discuss anything life threatening to mankind."
Jackie B
Pleased with the product and the service.
"Had an issue but it was handled very well. Pleased with the product and the service."
I was very satisfied about
"I was very satisfied about your professional service. I ordered your products from Romania (EU) and I had to go through the customs clearance procedures. Very good feedback to my emails and very good products. I highly recommend you!"
Mircea D
Good company
"Also, customer service was very quick and helpful, even right after the hurricane-related disasters."
A. M
Great People, Great products, great company!
"Thank you so much for a super fast, professional and friendly advice. Top class in customer experience! I am just ordering the F4! Lots of smiles!"