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SOEKS Customers Reviews - SOEKS Testimonials

SOEKS is proud to offer industry-leading Geiger counters, radiation detectors, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters that help people in their daily lives.

We stand behind the quality of our products. And what is a better proof than the kind words of our loyal and satisfied customers?


Great product and customer service!
"Great product and customer service! I called the company to get recommendations about the model I need and they recommended Prime. I liked how easy it was to use the device. I had some questions and the customer support was very helpful and quick to reply. I have other brand geiger counter as well, SOEKS by far is my favorite!"
I was very interested in
"I was very interested in having a radiation detector. My first experience was in a high school science class of hearing the random background clicks. Then after a nuclear sports medicine check on stress fractures I was the one setting off the high radiation readings at a local science museum. I have made attempts to find radiation inside and check rocks around the house. So far I have found nothing. Still, with a nuclear power plant 100 miles downwind its nice to have and I'm sure i'll find something someday."
Tim A.
I was so impressed with
"I was so impressed with SOEKS USA, their product (SOEKS Prime Radiation Detector), and their pristine customer service. I couldn't be happier. And the radiation detector is awesome; it really does take only 1 second for it to display accurate results! Very reliable device and phenomenal deal for fastest radiation detector out there!"
A good consumer grade unit
"It has CPM which is the measurement you should be using unless you're measuring Cs-137. Overall the Prime is a good unit for consumer use who are unlikely to run into very high level sources or need accurate readings for scientific use. The tube is small with an average background average of 7 CPM at my test location. It will work for detecting high level contamination but isn't capable of trace detection. To do that you need an instrument called a gamma spectrometer which is many thousands of USD for even basic units. They also take some education in nuclear physics and training to use properly. Overall it's a good basic consumer unit with excellent battery life"
Prompt responses, and willing to work with me.
"Prompt responses, and willing to work with me."
Linda E.
Very responsive and fast shipping.
"Very responsive and fast shipping. Instruments are small and easily pocketable unlike larger more professional units. Count rates are lower than larger instruments but for something you can slip in your pocket their products will do the task of detection and warning allowing someone to follow up with professional gear."
Chayak A.
Everything was great, thank you!!!
"Everything was great, thank you!!!"
Easy 2 Use
"I was afraid it would arrive and I wouldn't know how to use it, but it's actually very user friendly."
More sensitive and precise
"Very satisfied with this radiation detector - very long battery life and very accurate readings because it has two geiger muller tubes."
Smart and Useful Device
"a musthave tool for anyone concerned about radiation exposure"
Fantastic device at unbeatable price
"These are some of the features I love about the 01M Prime: intuitive 3 button interface, large geiger-muller tube, beeps in real time, adjustable Dangerous Level Threshold, and extremely lightweight. Fantastic device at an unbeatable price."
NO cons so far!
"Happy to report that I haven't encountered any cons thusfar!"
William G.
Precisely Precise
"2 Geiger Muller Tubes and unbelievable sensitivity and precision. Precisely precise and reliable."
John M.
Great buy
"My expectations have always been met with Russian-made devices and this one is exceptionally impressive."
Simply to understand interface
"Fast readings and very simple to understand."
Absolute Favorite!
"I have upgraded my trusted SOEKS 01M to this model and can not believe how fast it is! Readings in just one second, almost instant. I carry it everywhere I go to monitor radiation background."
Much better SOEKS 01M, impressed
"I had the old SOEKS 01M for several years (got it during the Fukushima events). I liked the device and it gave me some confidence when my family consumed seafood and overall when the reports of high radiation coming to the West started to appear. I was excited when a new generation device appeared. It feels much better in hand (I guess they used new plastic that feels like rubber), works EXTRA long compared to the old one! But the best thing is the search mode. It was able to pick up the radiation from the sample rock much faster than the previous model. It also shows you the total dose of radiation it detected over the time. Overall, a good improvement. Would recommend."
Johnathan B.
Everyone should own one
"Buying this device has been one of my best decisions. You can't put a price on this type of information."
Gold stars across the board
"If this detector were a school project, it would be covered in gold stars. No problems yet and continues to impress."
Thumbs up!
"For the price, I highly recommend this detector"
Good detector
"I am retired now but spent 35 years in the radiation detection profession. Towards the end of my career I was specifying detectors for various radiation control purposes and must say I am positively impressed with this unit after using it for a while. The quality seems very good and all features are functional. I've had it for only a few weeks, so the only aspect in my mind left to be determined is its durability, which only time will tell. I use the Am241 source from an old smoke detector to check the Quantum's response before using the unit. Have some fun and take your unit (with the alarm setpoint set several times background) with you next time you go to the doctor or dentist for an x-ray....you might be surprised at some of your readings! The data display and recording capabilities of this device go far beyond the raw readout instruments I started with many years ago, making me a very happy customer so far."
Love Soeks
"My new favorite company, Soeks has outdone themselves. Had an older unit that was a bit tempermental but this new one is spot on, perfect; and customer service was remarkable too!"
E S.
"Superior piece of equipment. Not much larger then a cell phone so easy to carry. Excellent sensitivity."
Data Transfer = Favorite Feature
"Many of the detectors I was looking at had no data transfer capability, and if they did, they seemed very complicated. I love how simple to use the Quantum is and its data transfer feature. I just hook it right up to my laptop via its mini USB port and I'm greeted with so many options!"
Sandra C.
Set up was easy
"Set up was easy. First fully charged unit. Took a few times to see how to get into survey mode. Will keep for emergencys. Rate 5/5 Thanks."
Remarkable Speed
"Produces readings almost immediately!"
Mark D.
Love the look
"Love the new look with white and blue and love all the new features"
Great functionality
"features adjustable dangerous level threshold, large and highly sensitive Geiger-Muller tube, and excellent battery life."
Hands Down, Thumbs Up
"Hands down, the best thing I've bought in a long time. Positively Impressed and double thumbs up!!"