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NITRATE TESTER V2 - Meat Fruits Veggies Food Quality Meter

$159.00 $199.00 saving $40.00
Nitrate Tester V2 - Meat Fruits Veggies Food Quality Meter All Products

NITRATE TESTER V2 - Meat Fruits Veggies Food Quality Meter

$159.00 $199.00 saving $40.00

Now, more than ever people are concerned with harmful effects of excess food nitrates. But with the SOEKS Nitrate Tester V2 you can take control and protect your family, by seeing exactly what’s in your food.

  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE: Switch it on, select your food, insert the probe and you’re done! In less than 3 seconds your device will display your result, and a handy color-coded alert.
  • TEST 100’s OF EVERYDAY FOODS: If you can poke a probe into it, you can test it! Simply choose from menu of 64 common foods. For anything else, just choose meat, or baby food!
  • PROFESSIONAL ACCURACY: Calibrated by the GOST 29270-95 Nitrate Determination Method. In other words, lab standard Nitrate detection even you can have access to.
  • IS THIS YOU? Are you a concerned parent, health conscious individual, small-scale farmer, food distributor, caterer, or storeowner? If you want to serve healthy food, this is for you.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: SOEKS company is the inventor of the original Nitrate Tester that was developed in 2011. Nitrate Tester V2 is the 3rd Generation model. The device and the measurement process are protected by multiple international patents. SOEKS is the innovator, not an imitator.

While other companies tried to imitate SOEKS Nitrate Tester, they all failed to provide the same level of high accuracy and reliability, often violating the patents and tricking the customers with false statements.

Avoid This Surprising Nitrate Mistake

It is often said we must minimize processed meats, due to high nitrate levels. And while this is true, you’ll be surprised to learn that eating more fruits and veg, when farmed conventionally, can contain Nitrate levels higher than meat, and our body’s norms.

As you put the SOEKS Nitrate Tester to work, you’ll see exactly what we mean!

You’ll discover which foods contain natural nitrate levels and weed out the ones that don’t. Of course seasonal, homegrown, and organic produce is best. But we’ll let your SOEKS Nitrate Tester tell you that!

It’s Incredibly Easy To Use, And Understand

In the past you would take food to a costly lab for testing, or just ignore the problem. But now, from your own kitchen, you can test your fruit and veg, along with seafood and meats. If you can stick a probe into it, you can test it!

This compact, and light device comes pre-set with 64 common foods and if there’s something you can’t find, simply choose ’baby food’, or ’fresh meat’.

From the menu you select the food. Then insert the probe and press OK! In a few seconds, your screen will turn green, yellow or red. And data will show you how much excess nitrate the food has, compared to how much it should have!

So you’ll simply eat less of it, or choose a different producer.

It Just Makes Sense.

Naturally you can see it’s the obvious choice for anyone concerned with food nitrates, and the health of their family. So if you’re ready to eat more healthily, with fewer toxins you’re ready for the SOEKS Nitrate Tester V2 For Food.