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Ever since our founding in January 2008, we have been offering products for protection all over the world. Our office is located in Miami, FL USA.

Our mission is a commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing only the very best in environmental and food safety testing products, like the eco tester, for our consumers. Delivering only the best quality products is our aim. 

SOEKS USA Miami FL - Green Innovations for Wellness

SOEKS is the developer, the creator and the manufacturer of SOEKS products, including Geiger counters, Dosimeters, Nitrate Testers, EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detectors, Ecotesters, EMF Protection products and Radiation Protection Products, in the United States. SOEKS is a developer and manufacturer of radiation detectors, radiation dosimeters, nitrate testers and electromagnetic field detectors. Each of our products has specific attributes that suit your needs.

Our History

SOEKS began in January 2008. Since then, SOEKS has developed and introduced the variety of innovative products in around the World. SOEKS products are sold in Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Finland, Australia and the United States. Our products have helped 100,000's of people around in more than 50+ countries.

SOEKS radiation detectors/Geiger counters, radiation dosimeters, nitrate testers and electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors are sold worldwide. We’re here to properly equip consumers with the right tools to protect themselves and their families from radiation, nitrates and/or electromagnetic fields. The Fukishima nuclear incident took place a little over three years ago. As a result, radiation has spread all around the world. Your safety and health is our priority, which is why SOEKS is here to help equip you with the tools that you need to protect yourself and your family. Our products fit in the palm of your hand and are easy for anyone to use. Do yourself a favor and order one now.