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SOEKS Reviews

We are proud to offer industry-leading Geiger counters, radiation detectors, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters that help people in their daily lives.
We stand behind the quality of our products. And what is a better proof than the kind words of our loyal and satisfied customers?
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Great Company, Great Support

We are very pleased with our SOEKS EcoVisorF4, it works well and customer service is very helpful.

A very Sophisticated Measuring Instrument

I love the Soeks Envisor Geiger Counter/ Nitrate Tester/ WaterTester

SOEKS QUANTUM Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)


It works very well but did not come with an owners manual. I had to figure out the settings by myself. Nice bright colorful display.

Handy Dosimeter

Will do the job to monitor radiation of a small area.
Sales support is good!

E4 Geiger counter

Works great. Tested water, food and microwave. Found microwave high readings. Great device.

Device is simple to use. You don't need an engineering degree to understand the readings.

Device delivered in just couple days. Information sheet enclosed in the (great looking) box written in proper, concise and clear English. Allows you to get quite technical if you choose to.

Likely will buy more products from this company.

Soekc EcoVisor

I’m very happy with the product!
Thank you very much!

I didn’t try this meter on a large radiancy source yet so I don’t have much experience to describe. But for the time being I am happy with it.

Good product. Planing to buy one more tester for water and food quality.
I will definitely recommend Soeks products to a friend.

Radium watch part detection

My recently bought SOEKS 112 Compact Geiger counter, pics up gamma rays from radium watch dials and hands perfectly.

Too Easy

And way too convenient. Really well executed product.

Larger and easier to read than the other soeks model I have.

Good buy

Nice little device, easy to use. Good to have it handy. I like that it is powered by battery and is not rechargeable - good when there is no power. The price is attractive compare to competitors.

SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)

Great device

Great service glad I have it but no time yet to explore how to use it.

Excellent little gem

Works very good

Critical knowledge in the palm of your hand

This device has completely exceeded my expectations. Easy to use and understand with ample battery life. This device will most likely only become more necessary in the years to come, so get one while you can. Working at a grocery store, I unfortunately know first hand that we can’t always trust the claims of our growers and suppliers, so having the ability to verify the integrity of the food that you and your family consume is crucial. This was not a purchase, but rather an investment in my family’s wellness. The Ecovisor F4 sees the things that you can’t!

Highly Recommended

Purchasing from SOEKS USA was one of my best online purchasing experiences ever! The Geiger Counter works great, (my husband loves it), and its delivery was well within the time frame indicated when purchasing. I got a bit nervous when I had not received any notices of delivery near to when I hoped the delivery would take place, (my bad because SOEKS was clear as to what the delivery time frame was), so I emailed the company. They responded almost immediately, in a very understanding and courteous manner, and were able to give me the actual arrival date of my purchase. It has been a long time since I have seen outstanding service like this. Very nice. Thank you.

Simple to use.

This Quantum Dosimeter is wonderful. It’s easy to operate and read. Quality was better than the other smaller soeks model I have.

SOEKS 112 Geiger Counter Dosimeter | Refurbished
Brian S. (Canada)
Soeks dosimeter

I used the dosimeter to measure the amount of radiation emitting from my body after brachytherapy. It was inexpensive which is important for an infrequently used item. I would have preferred something that did not have multifunctional buttons, however, something more elaborate would probably cost more. The information it provided made it a worth while purchase

SOEKS 112 Geiger Counter Dosimeter | Refurbished
Matt P. (United States)
Finally got one!

Definitely reads well. Great quality. Let’s hope I don’t need it anytime soon

Good little meter

Full of sensors, portable and great for everyday use. It was worth buying from abroad.

SOEKS 112 Compact Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeter