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We are proud to offer industry-leading Geiger counters, radiation detectors, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters that help people in their daily lives.
We stand behind the quality of our products. And what is a better proof than the kind words of our loyal and satisfied customers?
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EcoVisor F4 Initial Review

My EcoVisor F4 arrived in good order and all functions were operable, as described. Unit interface and display were intuitively user friendly. The factory preset radiation and EMF thresholds were extremely helpful, for the untrained, in this area. Initial questions submitted were pleasantly and expediently addressed, by customer service. Looking forward to seeing how the EcoVisor F4's functions and battery life does well, in the near future, but I have the peace-of-mind knowing SOEKS's 2-Year Warranty got me covered. A definite must-have device, for every household, given any natural disaster as well as the rise of environmentally-changing technologies that are constantly being introduced into our lives. Thanks SOEKS, for making daily life survival much less of a burden!


The device seems to work as intended. I had some trouble in getting access to archived data, due to a poor download of the software. Navigation through the literature accompanying it was fairly easy -- no noticeable Russenglish issues.

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

For a friend

I ordered this as a birthday present for a young Russian friend. He and his father are overjoyed with the product.

Love the design, amazing little unit.Very satisfied.

Nice Compact Geiger

Works great, easy to use and carry.

EcoViso: F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

The product works as advertised and described. I’m very satisfied with the product.

SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)

Healthy living

We brought our eco visor to the store and tested some produce and found not all organic foods are equal thanks to eco visor we are getting the best of the best

Soeks detector

Fantastic service.
Thank you.

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

Very good purchase

I am happy with my purchase, It is accrued for EMF and nitrates. I am still teaching how it is works with water. Good to have it, our melon was full of nitrates.
Thank you for this device!

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

EcoVisor F4 All-in-One

Great little meter for quick and easy testing. Could use some improvement in EMF detection when compared with other meters and a scroll function would be helpful for the produce testing list, otherwise an overall good for home use multimeter.

Cool produc!
Like it.

Soek Detector

The device is very versatile.

Great device, excellent service!

Excellent shop, excellent service. Device really useful to keep yourself and family safe from lots of s**t in food. Really pleased, thank you Soeks USA


Great device. Better than a Tricorder, get this thing to protect you and your family

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

Great device

Works great , love this device

Very easy to use and very Fast shipping!!

The item came quick and very easy to use. Still learning ho to use it but it works great!!

Dueling GM tubes

It is a lightweight tool for radiation monitoring. I like it.

Nice little unit.

I love the size of this "little-guy". I don't need a large highly professional unit for what I might be checking. So I was looking for a small very packable offering. This guy fit the bill perfectly.
I haven't found any high levels of radiation in any areas I've passively checked, which is good. But that also means that I'm working off of trust in the machine. I researched the company so I feel confident in their equipment. So I give the whole purchase a 5 star thumbs up review. Also, it took a bit to arrive so I contacted customer service. But they replied at once in a very respectful manner which I truly appreciated! So a 5 star rating for their customer service department as well! 👍