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SOEKS Reviews

We are proud to offer industry-leading Geiger counters, radiation detectors, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters that help people in their daily lives.
We stand behind the quality of our products. And what is a better proof than the kind words of our loyal and satisfied customers?
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Great product.

Costumer service is excellent and the device I ordered works great. I think is a very useful device and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Exposing the invisible hazards around me

This shows all the hazards all in a tiny device!

Very sensitive detector, scanned some old orange tile and it was slightly radioactive!

Wish it came with a graph or infographic showing what and how much is dangerous.

Very impressed.

Great gadget

Great device to have. You can check almost everything with it and feel good about the things you eat.

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water

Great Detector

Great Detector! In today’s world having a toddler is rising so many questions about the food I am feeding my child. This detector helped me making sure the fruits and vegetables are within the norms, shocker is that so many organic produce are not. Thank you for helping me check the food, water and air.

Wonderful device, easy to use, and very handy.

I am very surprised how helpful this device can be when using caution in my daily ways. It offers so many great ways to provide information about food, water, and surroundings. When looking at comparable tools this one offered more and had very easy to follow instructions. I ran out of things to test at home so now take it where I show it off. TY

Super tester now I can test my food and a lot of different products and most importantly live hea...

Sooo happy tester is great I m testing my food water fruit meat the most important is is feels great to know that my food is chemical Free

Tiny unit addresses multiple concerns

This small meter is user friendly and most useful right out of the box. I love that it assesses foods, water, EMFs and magnetic fields. I carry it in my purse. Excellent value.

Just what I wanted

The package arrived in a timely manor and works well. We were happy to see some of the things we were previously concerned about are in normal ranges. We were also surprised at the Nitrogen levels in some foods we eat all the time. Thank you.

SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes) Russian super T...

A device for special applications and for specialists in the field of radiation. I am happy with the device.


I have tested it and yes it has worked as expected.


Still learning about it, unsure of how one would test a baby for nitrates? I find this intriguing. For obvious reasons i know u wouldnt stick probe into the baby like a veggie lol


all was good and i have to admit it was excellent follow u from your logistics department. Andrew was updating me about the status of my order and it was great help for him to receive it before my leave.
only i have 1 point about the product i wish i can check the chicken, figs & dates. i hope it is only a software issue that i can measure these items in the future.

Great device

very satisfied so far. Used it for 2 weeks. No problems

Does the job

I’ve always wanted to have a Dosimeter and I was contemplating getting a cheap one on Amazon but before I did I went to see reviews on YouTube and I noticed that a lot of people are using Soeks as a bench marker so I looked further into soeks and found the eco visor that does even more which made the expensive purchase more justifiable

I’m very happy with it and have concluded my house and all the items are safe and that 90% of avocados are super high in nitrates lol


Works great, the ui is very helpful and intuitive , I've taken it out to several places that I suspected might be areas of concern

Soeks Quantum

My first detector so I don't have much to compare to. The unit seems to work well. I've read reviews where one GM tube would stop working after a while but mine has been going strong.

The supplied documentation could be a little more descriptive with some of the features/screen icons/indicators. The PDF manual available on their website is better but still left me with questions that I ended up eventually figuring out on my own and from other users online.

it works!

it arrived quickly and functions as described, worth the money

SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter

I was pleased with what I received. I have not used it a lot yet, but will once cooler weather arrives here where I live. The device was much better than I expected, and I look forward to using it more once the weather here cools off.
Thanks SOEKS!!

Ease of use

Works great from what I can tell, but is very easy to use.

The Gieger counter I ordered is awesome; I enjoy the ease of using this unit, thank you.

The Gieger counter I ordered is awesome; I enjoy the ease of using this unit, thank you.

EcoVisor F4 Initial Review

My EcoVisor F4 arrived in good order and all functions were operable, as described. Unit interface and display were intuitively user friendly. The factory preset radiation and EMF thresholds were extremely helpful, for the untrained, in this area. Initial questions submitted were pleasantly and expediently addressed, by customer service. Looking forward to seeing how the EcoVisor F4's functions and battery life does well, in the near future, but I have the peace-of-mind knowing SOEKS's 2-Year Warranty got me covered. A definite must-have device, for every household, given any natural disaster as well as the rise of environmentally-changing technologies that are constantly being introduced into our lives. Thanks SOEKS, for making daily life survival much less of a burden!


The device seems to work as intended. I had some trouble in getting access to archived data, due to a poor download of the software. Navigation through the literature accompanying it was fairly easy -- no noticeable Russenglish issues.

EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water