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SOEKS ECOSET - Ecotester and Impulse 3-in-1 BUNDLE for Radiation, Nitrates, EMF

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SOEKS ECOSET - Ecotester and Impulse 3-in-1 BUNDLE for Radiation, Nitrates, EMF

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Ecoset is discontinued. View NEW MODEL improved version SOEKS ECOVISOR 5-in-1 (CLICK HERE)

When it comes to Radiation, EMFs and Food Nitrates many people agree it makes no sense to monitor one hazard, while remaining exposed to the rest. Now with the SOEKS EcoSet 3-in-1 you don’t have to!

THREE Incredible Monitors in TWO Simple Devices at ONE Affordable Price

Imagine being able to monitor your exposure to 3 of the most harmful (... and common) threats to your health every single day, without spending thousands of dollars on expensive lab tests. And when you do, you instantly have all the information needed to keep you, and your family protected from fatigue and serious illness!

Well, now you can.

  • Find ElectroToxic EMF Hotspots From Small Items Or Large Areas
  • Reduce Harmful Nitrates In Your Diet - Especially Those In Fruit & Veg!
  • Monitor DNA-Destroying Radiation From Food, Objects And Your Environment

... Compact, Light & Easy To Use

Not everyone is a Nobel Prize Level scientist, so we’ve made information simple for those who need the crucial basics, but also detailed for the Data-Minded.

Each device comes pre-set with biological norms: Standard EMF Levels, Natural Nitrate Loads and Normal Background Radiation. On screen instructions make testing easy, and read-outs are simple to understand.

When Bio-Norms are exceeded your device will alert you within seconds! Results appear in as a color-coded alert and alarm, while on screen data fills in the rest!

Two Easy To Use Devices With Thousands Of Health Benefits

We are exposed to The Big 3 every day. This compound exposure creates huge stress on our cells, DNA and their ability to function and repair. So you can see the SOEKS EcoSet makes perfect sense for those wishing to decrease total cell stress for themselves, and the health of their family. If you’re ready for that too, you’re ready to Order Now.

Customer Reviews

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Aj T.

Includes everything you need

H. W.

The A++ grade says it all. We are extremely impressed with these products.

Maria S.
2 phenomenal devices

I love the red and black design of the Impulse but the Ecotester is my favorite. I've changed practically my entire diet and I haven't felt this well in years. It really makes you think about what you consume and put into your body and how unhealthy food makes you feel. Its incredible what a healthy diet can do!!!

2 thumbs up

The bright and colorful LCD screens are my favorite feature, but I also must mention: their speed, precision, and variety of different functions. For example, the ecotester has a ton of preset foods, so it makes it so quick and easy and the impulse has 5 different sensors and is very sensitive and accurate. Thank you!

What a deal!

just want to let you know that I'm very happy with my order. received it in great condition and in no time at an amazing price

Caroline B.
Great set and makes a perfect gift too!

Anyone who's interested in healthy living would love this set!