5-in-1 EcoVisor SOEKS the Most Advanced Personal Detector

EcoVisor can detect virtually ANYTHING: Radiation, Nitrates, EMF, and even test your Water!

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Protect Your Family from EMF's, Radiation and Nitrates

Easy to Use portable devices can automatically alert you about high levels

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Why check for Radiation?

Radiation is tasteless, has no smell or color and can be extremely dangerous. It's naturally occurring everywhere.

Too Much Nitrates in Food? Not Good!

Excess of nitrates in fresh vegetables, fruits and meats is harmful, especially for small children and elder people.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

Locate "hot" EMF zones in your house. Sometimes moving that couch a couple feet is all it takes to stay safe!

EcoVisor F4 Newest Model

The ULTIMATE protection for your family. Detect EMF's, Radiation, Nitrates and TDS

Soeks Ecovisor 5-In-1 Geiger Counter Dosimeter Nitrate Water Emf Tester
  • Geiger Counter & Dosimeter

    Alerts about high radiation background and dose in objects, water, environment

  • Nitrate Tester

    Detects harmful nitrates in hundreds of fruits, vegetables and meats

  • Water Quality TDS Meter

    Test drinking and tap water quality. Find out if water is hard or soft

  • Electromagnetic EMF Meter

    Know if the harmful EMF's are present from TV's, routers, smart meters, power lines, etc.

  • Superior Quality

    All SOEKS devices are developed, designed and manufactured in Europe by the best engineers. All components are Tested and Certified: CE, ROHS, EAC, ROSTEST, ISO 9001

  • Pioneer in the industry

    SOEKS is the original inventor of the nitrate testing technology, holding several international patents

  • Patented Technology, yet easy to use

    With several Patents and numerous International awards, SOEKS products deliver cutting edge technology that everyone can use. Easier than your smartphone.


SOEKS has launched a personal radiation and food testing meter that maintains high accuracy at a more affordable price... a small, portable and affordable unit, it's quite an achievement

EcoVisor is a very good product. It has already paid for itself. Found high levels of nitrates, measured the EMF accurately with high readings around certain appliances

Works great, but most importantly, it is very easy to use. I do not have to become an electrical engineer in order to understand the readouts, the presets make it easy. Plus good customer service. I highly recommend.