5-in-1 EcoVisor SOEKS the Most Advanced Personal Detector

EcoVisor can detect virtually ANYTHING: Radiaiton, Nitrates, EMF, and even test your Water!

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Protect Your Family

Our devices can alert you about high levels of radiation, nitrates, electric-magnetic fields and water quality

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Know Different Sources of Radiation

Radiation is tasteless, has no smell or color and is can be extremely dangerous. It's everywhere.

What are Nitrates?

Excess of nitrates in fresh vegetables, fruits and meats can be harmful, especially for small children.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

Avoid "hot" EMF zones in your house. Sometimes moving that couch or the crib a couple feet is all it takes. Find out how to find those zones!

EcoVisor 5-in-1 Detector

The ULTIMATE protection for your family. Detect virtually anything!

EcoVisor SOEKS 5-in-1 Geiger Counter, Dosimeter, Nitrate Tester, EMF, Water Quality Meter
  • Geiger Counter

    Detect ionizing background radiation and dose levels

  • Nitrate Tester

    Stop consuming produce with high levels of harmful nitrates

  • Water Quality Tester

    Test drinking and tap water quality with EcoVisor

  • Electromagnetic Meter (EMF)

    Find "hot" zones from Wi-Fi routers, smart meters or anything else

  • Superior Quality

    All SOEKS devices are developed, designed and manufactured by the best engineers in Russia. Tested and Certified.

  • Patented Technology, yet simple to use

    With several Patents and numerous International awards, SOEKS products deliver cutting edge technology that everyone can use. Easier than your smartphone.

Nitrates and Radiation

Learn about potential hazards of Nitrates and Radiation, and how to detect them