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SOEKS® Radiation Detectors and Nitrate Testers

New SOEKS nuclear radiation detectors, geiger counters, dosimeters, nitrate testers, EMF meters, water testers. Always latest firmware and updates. Ships from USA.
EcoVisor™ F4 All-in-One Detector for Food Air Water
$229.00 $249.00 saving $20.00
Back in stock! Due to very high demand and limited stock, please order now. You can place your order here instead of Amazon / eBay to support us directly, get the lowest price, full warranty, and the fastest shipping. SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is a poc...
SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)
Use the SOEKS QUANTUM once, and it becomes obvious why this is the preferred Geiger Counter for the professional, and serious enthusiast. #1 IN PRECISION DETECTION: Compare it to our SOEKS 112 and ECOVISOR F4 Devices, and you’ll discover th...
SOEKS 112 Compact Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeter
$129.00 $149.00 saving $20.00
Are you looking for the most compact and military level accurate Geiger counter to check radiation, radioactive sources and keep an eye on the nuclear events? Look no further - SOEKS 112 is our newest and the smallest personal radiation dosimeter...
SOEKS EcoVisor™ F2 Nitrate Tester for Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Fish and TDS Water Tester
Sold out
SOEKS ECOVISOR™ F2 Nitrate Food Tester Check Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Fish for Nitrates and Water for Purity! THE MOST ACCURATE NITRATE TESTER featuring the NEW GENERATION PATENTED MULTI-POINT PROBE, TEMPERATURE SENSOR, and TDS METER. NITRAT...