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9 Easy Tips to Help Protect Your Home from EMF Dangers

1. Safeguard your bed area. Unplug and remove all electronics from the areas around the head and sides of your bed. Any electric, cord-powered devices emit unhealthy and even dangerous levels of electrical and magnetic fields (EMF), especially alarm clocks; so either move your electric alarm clock across the room or use a battery operated alarm clock.

2. Toss your compact fluorescent and halogen light bulbs away. They increase harmful high frequency transients or “dirty electricity.” Replace unhealthy fluorescent and halogen bulbs with safer incandescent or LED bulbs.

3. Say goodbye to cordless phones. Replace your cordless phones with corded ones; cordless phones, like tiny cell phone towers, transmit unsafe levels of radio frequency radiation all throughout your home.

4. Turn your wireless modem off overnight. If you can’t part with your wireless Internet connection at home and/or use an Ethernet cord, then you can turn off your modem while you sleep to reduce the harmful exposure. Wireless baby monitors can also be unsafe as well.

5. Don’t use dimmer light switches. Replace your dimmer switches with conventional flip switches to decrease the amount of harmful, “dirty” electricity in your home.

6. Metallic bed frames are conductors. Switch your metal bed frame to a wooden one, and replace metal coil spring mattresses with mattresses containing no metal. Metal bed frames and springs act as conductors and transmitters of EMF, especially from wiring in the house and within the walls.

7. Give your bed and head space from the wall. Walls are usually loaded with wiring and therefore emit major EMFs; however, you can decrease your exposure by increasing your bed’s distance from the wall. Move the head of your bed at least a foot away from the wall and you’ll significantly reduce your EMF exposure levels.

8. Use trees to block your exposure. Trees help absorb and ground EMFs emanating from power lines, so if applicable, plant trees between your house and close-by power lines to lessen harmful EMF levels.

9. Invest in an EMF Meter. This tiny, incredible tool can help you detect, pinpoint, and precisely measure EMF levels within your home (and anywhere you go), so that you can take the proper steps to protect you and your loved ones from dangerous exposure. For example, you can use an EMF meter to locate faulty wiring and circuits, as well as determine the areas in your home with high EMF levels, so that you can repair, remove, and/or rearrange for a safer living space.


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