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Everyday Radiation Uses

Many people know about the dangers of radiation, but did you know that it is common in everyday life?

When most people think of radiation, they think of nuclear disasters, cancer and all of the dangers of radiation. While radiation can certainly be dangerous, it has also aided society in many different ways. At SOEKS, we offer the very best geiger counters for sale to help you protect yourself from dangerous levels of radiation, but we have also set out to help you truly understand radiation. A big part of understanding radiation is understanding why we need it. Here is a list of just some of the many ways that we use radiation in our everyday lives:

#1. Medicine

Medicine is one of the most important uses of radiation to date. In addition to using radiation to treat cancer, it is also used to both treat and diagnose many different diseases. Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs that have radioactive materials, and they can be taken orally, injected or even inhaled. Radiation also allows doctors to gain images of bodily processes and internal organs through x-rays or contrast imaging.

#2. Industry

The industrial sector uses radiation in a variety of ways, including industrial radiography, materials analysis, civil engineering, process control, mineral and oil exploration, measuring devices and checking for weaknesses in gas and oil pipelines. Many of these uses have a direct effect on your everyday life.

These are just a couple of the many examples of radiation use in our day to day lives, and as you can already see, it is beneficial in a number of ways. In our next blog, we’ll be going over more of the everyday uses of radiation, so please stay tuned to learn more.


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