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Geiger Counter Soeks 01M

Most people today utilize Geiger counters in their everyday life and we are ecstatic to report that our new SOEKS 01M Radiation Detector has become a top favorite. Radiation specialists from all around the world rely on our new Geiger counter to measure ionizing radiation. It has inherited many excellent features from its popular predecessor, the Defender Dosimeter, such as real time measurement of accumulated dosage; however, the SOEKS 01M employs the latest Geiger-Muller tube sensor technology to detect and precisely measure radiation levels.

Our first Geiger counters were highly sought after due to their extreme accuracy and precision. However, the continual advancements in technology and our passion for perfection have driven us to refine our newest detector on all levels.

The SOEKS 01M’s Technical Specifications

  • 1.It efficiently detects radiation within just 10 seconds
  • 2.Its expansive range measures from 0.03 to 1000 uS (units)
  • 3.A vibrantly colorful display offers more functionality and ease
  • 4.Requiring only 2 AAA batteries, it also features a mini USB port for charging as well

This device’s remarkably rapid processor allows it to detect ionizing radiation much faster than most others on the market. In fact, it takes almost no time at all. Another one of its great features is a helpful color code system that further depicts radiation levels. It consists of the following values:

  • Green – Normal Background Radiation
  • Yellow – High Background Radiation
  • Red – Dangerous Background Radiation

Along with a faster processor and handy color codes, the 01M Geiger Counter features even smaller dimensions than its predecessor, making it incredibly smaller than a cell phone. It’s also comprised of high-grade rubber-infused plastic for improved protection and grip, and one of its most impressive new features is its Search Mode, which makes it intensely sensitive to radiation.

To sum up, here is a list of the SOEKS 01M’s incredible features:

  • Upgraded processor for remarkable speed and performance
  • Easily measures gamma, beta, and X radiation
  • Phenomenal battery life of 50+ hours of continuous usage and up to 500+ hours in standby mode
  • High-grade rubber-infused plastic for improved grip and protection
  • Extremely compact size and light weight make it effortless to use and carry
  • Convenient cumulative dose measurement up to 9,999,000 counts

With even more features than listed here, the SOEKS 01M is by far one of the best, fastest, most precise, and most reliable Geiger counters currently available. Contact us today to learn more or to purchase one of your very own.


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