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How EMF Detectors Can Help Mankind


Anything that uses electricity to operate produces EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). In today’s technological society, we are surrounded by and exposed to EMF’s constantly in our every day lives. Most people are not even aware of this fact or of the negative side effects and risks they pose to humans and pets. Although the world benefits from and relies heavily on technology, after extensive research on EMF’s and their risks, scientists have discovered a multitude of adverse effects that range from mild to severe.

Luckily there are portable devices available to everyone called EMF meters that detect and measure EMF levels in items and environments. These convenient tools can pinpoint sources and help to reduce and even eliminate high EMF exposure in homes, offices, and other areas.

What Do EMF Detectors Measure?

EMF’s are created by the use of alternating and direct current. EMF meter detect these fields emitted by electrically charged moving objects and measure the fields that alternating currents produce. For example, EMF detectors are currently used every day to diagnose problems with electrical wiring, power lines, and electrical shielding effectiveness. They are even used by professional ghost hunters who claim they help locate paranormal activity.

Dangerous Side Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Humans

  • The intensity of EMF side effects depends on the strength of the EMF fields in question, and the list of adverse effects is quite lengthy. The following is a list of some of these effects.
  • Stress and Fatigue – Exposure to electromagnetic fields can disrupt and penetrate neuronal cells in the brain and even cause DNA damage. The muscular and nervous systems can also be impaired. All of these problems can ultimately cause lethargy, anxiety, headaches, depression, and even more serious side effects.
  • Sleep Disorders – The pineal gland produces vital hormones necessary for well-being but is extremely sensitive toEMF’s. Exposure can decrease melatonin production, which can cause a variety of sleep disturbances and disorders.
  • Immune System Problems – EMF’s have also been proven to severely disrupt and ultimately weaken the immune system. Along with an increase in illness, a weakened immune system can also lead to the proliferation of cancerous cells in the body.

How Can an EMF Meter Help?

Electromagnetic Field Detectors detect and precisely measure EMF levels and can even pinpoint EMF sources. You can use an EMF detector to identify high sources of electromagnetic fields within your home, and with that information, you can rearrange furniture and electrical devices to create a safer living space.

  • An EMF meter can be used to measure the EMF levels emitted from your alarm clock and other electrical devices. Surprisingly, alarm clocks emit high levels and can directly disrupt sleep, so it is suggested to move them away from the head of the bed and over to the other side of the room to lessen exposure. Laptops and cell phones usually score highly as well, so never using them while they’re plugged in can help as well.
  • EMF meters are used daily to check electrical wiring in walls. If there are areas in the home or office where wiring emits high levels of EMFs, furniture can be relocated further away and/or less time can be spent in those particular locations.
  • You can use an EMF meter to check your car. You may be using devices in your automobile that emit high EMF levels without even knowing it. A detector will give you precise readings of all your stereo and auto equipment.

Unfortunately, most people don’t even think about EMF’s or their side effects, but clearly they can be very hazardous to humans and pets. More and more of these hazards are discovered every day as research on electromagnetic fields continues.

As this information is revealed, more and more people are purchasing EMF meters to check their homes, offices, and automobiles. Tiny changes can drastically reduce exposure and EMF detectors can help you determine which steps to take to protect yourself and your family. With one of these amazing and powerful little tools, you can start drastically decreasing your EMF exposure and that of your loved ones.


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