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Why Should We Monitor Radiation Background?

Why Should We Monitor Radiation Background?

The fact is we cannot eliminate radiation from our environment. It exists and we can only reduce our risks by taking steps to control our exposure to it. One important step in the process of decreasing radiation exposure is to obtain a tool to detect and measure it. With this vital information about the radiation sources in your everyday life, where they exist, and the levels of dangerous radiation they emit, you will be equipped to make the necessary changes to drastically reduce your exposure to radiation.

Using a Radiation Detector in Your Everyday Life

  • Pinpoint Radiation Sources – After locating sources of high radiation in your home or office you can then choose to remove or relocate these items.
  • Measure Radiation Levels – You can learn precise radiation measurements of certain items, devices, and areas for either personal information or monitoring and analysis
  • Take It Shopping With You – Some of the food, drinks, and other items you purchase may contain radiation, so a radiation detector can prevent you from buying highly contaminated products
  • Building Regulatory Compliance – Building materials can sometimes contain radiation; for example, buildings comprised of bricks and stone contain higher amounts of radiation than those made from wood. A personal Geiger counter can measure the radiation levels of your home or a new home in which you’re interested

In addition to using a personal radiation detector to monitor your home, office, other frequently visited locations, devices, food, products, and other items, the following is a list of other convenient and popular uses for a professional Geiger counter.

Other Radiation Detector Applications

  • Hospital Environments
  • Medical Imaging Facilities
  • Scrap Metal Processing
  • HVAC Building Air Intake Monitoring
  • Building Inspectors and Contractors
  • Scientific Research Facilities
  • Warehouses and Shipping/Receiving
  • Post Offices and Mail Rooms
  • Customs
  • Airports and Other Public Transportation Facilities
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Schools and Other Educational Facilities
  • New Homeowners
  • Grocery and Other Stores

Further understanding of radiation and radioactivity can help you make informed decisions when evaluating and limiting your exposure. Whether for personal or professional monitoring, investing in a radiation detector can reap many benefits.


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