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SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)

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SOEKS QUANTUM - Professional Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2 Geiger Muller Tubes)


Use the SOEKS QUANTUM once, and it becomes obvious why this is the preferred Geiger Counter for the professional, and serious enthusiast.

  • #1 IN PRECISION DETECTION: Compare it to our 01M and PRIME Devices, and you’ll discover the QUANTUM features Dual Geiger-Muller Tubes (SBM-021), and upgraded processors, to deliver ultra-precise readings (mcSv/h). And it does it all non-stop for 700 hours before recharging! Choose the right SOEKS device for you.
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS, AND PRO-ENTHUSIASTS: Accurately locate areas of radioactivity, or contamination of items such as scrap metal, building materials, banknotes, stones, or antiques. As a personal Dosimeter measure your exposure to X-Ray machines, lab materials, and other workplace hazards. Calibrated to Gamma, Beta and X-ray.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR DATA: Set your own personalized alert thresholds, and save data in the memory. The QUANTUM also allows you to upload to computer, storing data for up to 3 years! Run 24/7 background monitoring in standby mode to conserve its rechargeable battery, or simply plug into mini-USB (both included in your set).
  • EASY TO USE, JUST LIKE ALL SOEKS DEVICES – Simple menus, audible alarms, and colored alerts keep this Geiger Counter user friendly. 2 Modes include Background (measures and searches), and Cumulative Dose. QUANTUM delivers on screen data in mcSv/h, for each tube, bar meters and arrows showing radiation is falling.
  • ENJOY OUR RISK FREE 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Whether it’s for work or home or doomsday prepper kits obviously the SOEKS QUANTUM is the right choice in Professional Radiation Detectors for accuracy, speed, and volume data. In light of recent world events, demand has increased for this device. Secure yours now, before we go to backorder.

And while you may think only radiation safety and security specialists, or health physicists are its frequent users, you’ll also find the QUANTUM in the homes of the serious, general public.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the only device with a dual Geiger-Muller Tube, delivering ultra-precise readings, non stop for 700 hours. Or maybe it’s because the download feature enables all data lovers to store and track information for up to 3 years!

Or perhaps elite functionality combined with ease of use just makes sense.

Regardless, it’s the preferred device for use by any radiation exposed personnel, and the ideal device for the advanced at home enthusiast, or disaster prepper.

Just Like All SOEKS Dosimeters (01M and PRIME), It Retains Its Easy Interface

The QUANTUM has 2 Standard Modes: Background Mode (for search, and measure) and Accumulated Dose, with visual Green, orange and red alerts and alarms showing exposure. An arrow shows when levels are falling as well as on screen bar meter, graph and numerical data (mcSv/h) for each GM Tube. It measures Gamma, Beta and XRay.

But Only The QUANTUM Delivers PRO-Functionality

Dual Geiger-Muller Tubes, and ugraded processors deliver ultra-precise readings non stop for 700 hours. While the download feature lets you store and track data for up to 3 years! Personalized thresholds let you set your own alerts and standby mode allows for long, battery preserving monitoring.

For The Professional, It Makes Perfect Sense

Whether it’s for work or home, the lightweight QUANTUM is the perfect choice for anyone looking for accuracy, speed, and volume data. So if you’re ready to go pro, you’re ready for the precision of SOEKS QUANTUM.


Ask a Question
  • Do these instruments come calibrated?

    Yes, all SOEKS devices come factory calibrated, tested and certified. No further calibration is required for the lifetime of the device. For industries, where the annual calibration is required - the Quantum model can be calibrated via the SOEKS device manager.

  • Is it possible to enable the classic “click” whenever an impact of a radioactive particle is detected?

    Yes, every SOEKS detector emits a short "beep" signal, same as the classic "click" when a particle with high energy (radiation) hits the Geiger Muller tube. The intensity of the sound can be configured in the settings and can even be turned OFF if you prefer to use SOEKS portable radiation detector in a discrete manner. 

  • Can the units of measurement on the reading be changed, for example to Rads or to display CPM?

    Yes, the units in Quantum can be changed from micro Sieverts per hour to milli Rads and /or CPM (counts per minute).

  • Does this model readout what type of radiation is detected? Gamma vs Beta vs Alpha.

    The SOEKS geiger counters detect ionizing, e.g. nuclear, radiaition. Since alpha radiation is not ionizing (it can't penetrate skin or thin layer of air) it's hard to detect, and that's why you want to look for the Beta and Gamma radiation decoys which come together with the Alpha particles.
    To seperate Beta from Gamma, use an aluminium foil between the device and the object you are measuring, or wrap the device covering the vents of the sensors. For example, if the Quantum geiger counter shows 0.20 uSV/h and while using the aluminium foil it show 0.05 uSV/h - it means that Gamma radiaiton is 0.05 uSV/h and Beta radiation is 0.15 uSV/h

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ken b.
United States
  • Would you recommend this product? Yes
  • What is your favorite function? Geiger Counter (radiation)


Worked fine easy to use delivery as promised thank you

Pat F.
United States
  • Would you recommend this product? Yes
  • What is your favorite function? Geiger Counter (radiation)

Best GC/Dosemeter for this price

The ease of use, accuracy and comprehensive features make the Soeks Quantum impossible to beat. Some of the features aren’t very intuitive, but tech support responded quickly and easily answered all my questions. Flexible data logging, the ability to copy CSV files to the computer via USB and long battery life make this great for long-term monitoring applications.

Bruce M.
United States
  • Would you recommend this product? Yes
  • What is your favorite function? Geiger Counter (radiation)EMF (electromagnetic)

Keep up your good work!

Greetings, Keep up your good work!

Daniel T.
  • Would you recommend this product? Yes
  • What is your favorite function? Geiger Counter (radiation)

weird that background wave

very interesting. I run it continuously since two weeks and was even x-rayed at a hospital. Very strange, as a non-professional, is this wave like background radiation. The x-ray was from 1, 23,96, 7,89(reflection). Sometimes background radiation peaks at 0,41-0,54 uSv, when the monitor blinks at the same time.


Thank you for your review! You are absolutely correct - the radiation is non-constant and acts as waves, the exact reason you could see different readings even at one spot. When radiation increases, the device lets you know about that.

Aileen S.

Good detector

I am retired now but spent 35 years in the radiation detection profession. Towards the end of my career I was specifying detectors for various radiation control purposes and must say I am positively impressed with this unit after using it for a while. The quality seems very good and all features are functional. I've had it for only a few weeks, so the only aspect in my mind left to be determined is its durability, which only time will tell. I use the Am241 source from an old smoke detector to check the Quantum's response before using the unit. Have some fun and take your unit (with the alarm setpoint set several times background) with you next time you go to the doctor or dentist for an x-ray....you might be surprised at some of your readings! The data display and recording capabilities of this device go far beyond the raw readout instruments I started with many years ago, making me a very happy customer so far.