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When we say HASSLE-FREE, we mean it!

When You buy a SOEKS device directly from www.soeks-usa.com, it's AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in our industry leading 2 year warranty.

(if you purchased your device somewhere else, please follow this link to verify the eligibility and to register the SOEKS device)

Within 2 Years of your original purchase date, you are eligible to receive an excellent replacement or a brand new device.

We are confident that SOEKS products will serve you well for many years but in case something happens, we are here to help!

Whatever happens during the normal use and operation of the device is covered:

  • Device “doesn’t work properly” for ANY reason including but not limited to: strong personal feeling; the reading is off .07% compared to the (Thermo Scientific™ FHT 762 Wendi-2 Wide-Energy Neutron Detector) your friend has at the laboratory;
  • EXCEPT the following reasons: physical damage, using the device inside a nuclear reactor, carrying the device while gazing at the “shroom”, natural and artificial disasters