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Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

As you know, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) are part of every day life. While the frequencies can’t be seen or felt, for many people the effects can. Not only can they deplete energy, but also health with people experiencing unexplained symptoms of illness every day. And for the electro sensitive, even being near EMFs can send their heart racing and produce extreme pain.

Obviously, you can’t avoid EMF’s in this modern world, but now you can monitor them with ease, reduce your exposure and improve your life!

The SOEKS Ecovisor F4 4-in-1 EMF Meter helps you find hot spots from every day items including: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart Meters, Power lines, Microwaves, Mobile Phones, Tablets, PCs, Apple Mac, TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Antiques, Refrigerators, Electric Stoves, Electric Blankets, and even Personal Wearable Devices!

And if you live in a dense city, or near power lines, military objects, airports, space observatories, manufacturing or research plants – it’s now easy to assess your exposure, so you can put the right protection in place.

The light and compact ECOVISOR F4 comes pre-set with easy to understand alerts and alarms. No difficult set-up, just switch it on and start measuring!

Now You Can Avoid This Common "Microwave Mistake"!

How often have you approached your microwave as soon as it beeps?

Most people believe that when the microwave stops, so do the EMFs. But when you take the SOEKS ECOVISOR F4 home you’ll discover it can take 25-30 seconds before the EMF cools down! The ECOVISOR F4 alarm lets you know when it’s safe.

The ECOVISOR F4 uses a precision 5-Sensor System that allows it to pinpoint the source of an EMF from a device, a location in a room, and outside! And thanks to the 5-Sensor System, your risk is assessed fast, with a high degree of accuracy.

Easy To Use!

While some devices are tricky to use, we’ve kept ours People-Friendly with 4 Preset Modes! Select PC Mode and hold it next to any close range device, like your computer, phone, or microwave. Choose Live Building Mode to see EMF’s from wiring, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and office-wide effects of electronic devices. And when you select Live Field Mode you can view your exposure to your environment, like power lines, smart meters and the neighbor’s Wi-Fi!

Easy To Read

Each mode uses visual display, and alarm sounds to show exposure. ‘Green and Silent’ for good, ‘Red and Alarm’ for danger! The ECOVISOR F4 also displays an easy to read bar chart with numerical values showing the EMF level.

You’ll be amazed when you watch the data dynamically change as you move in and out of exposure, or as the spot ‘cools down’. Pop it in your pocket, and the alarm will alert you if you’ve stepped into the red zone.

And For The Data-Minded…

Switch your unit to Numerical Mode to see each data-point from the Tri-axial Magnetic Fields in V/m and Orthogonal Electrical Fields in u/T.

It Just Makes Sense.

Obviously you can see the SOEKS ECOVISOR F4 is the unit that makes perfect sense for those concerned with their exposure to EMF’s at home, work, or in the environment. So if you’re ready to protect yourself and your loved ones, you’re ready for the #1 Health Conscious EMF Meter - The ECOVISOR F4 by SOEKS.

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