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What are Nitrates?

Nitrates in vegetables and fruits

Now, more than ever people are concerned about the chemicals in food. What
are they feeding their children, and what will the effects be in years to come?

And as you know, Nitrates are one of the biggest threats to our health today.
But it’s not the natural nitrate levels of concern. The increase in population means
the demand for food is rising. And alongside that basic demand, comes the
desire for fruits and vegetables that are bigger and juicier, and supplied out offseason, like strawberries in February!

To meet the demand, nitrate-dense fertilizers are applied to crops where they
increase nitrate levels far beyond our biological norms. So while we try to be
healthier by eating more fruits and veggies, our toxic exposure increases also!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the past you would take food to a costly lab for testing, or just ‘wing it’ and
hope for the best. But now, from your own kitchen you can test nitrate levels
daily so you can make healthy food choices, without the toxic burden.

The SOEKS Nitrate Tester V2 lets you test hundreds of foods including: fruits,
vegetables, seafood and meats. If you can stick a probe into it, you can test it!
This compact, and light device comes pre-set with 64 common foods with easy to
understand results! No difficult set-up, just switch it on and choose your food!
And if there’s something you can’t find, simply choose ‘baby food’, or ‘fresh meat’.

Avoid This Surprising Nitrate Mistake.

Studies suggest that nitrates are a carcinogenic risk. And while it’s often said this
is the result of red meat, did you know that fruit and veggies are often higher in
nitrates due to those fertilizers?

So when we eat more fruit and vegetables, we could easily be eating more nitrates than
even processed meats! Our body needs healthy levels of nitrate, but if we have
them in excess, we can become burdened with high levels of health depleting
nitrites and carcinogenic nitrosamines.

So when you put the SOEKS Nitrate Testers to work, you’ll discover which foods
contain natural nitrate levels and weed out the ones that don’t. You’ll be amazed
to see the difference between organic and conventional products, along with
seasonal and out of season items!

Your EcoVisor, EcoSet, Ecotester, and Nitrate Tester have been precisely calibrated in accordance with the normal nitrate ion standards in everyday food. (Calibrated by potentiometric determination of nitrate ions per GOST 29270-95 Nitrate Determination Method). Thanks to this gold-standard calibration method, you can accurately measure when your chosen food has exceeded normal biological safety.

Easy To Use And Easy To Read!

As you now know, the goal is to reduce Nitrate load, but never to eliminate it.
From the nitrate menu simply select the food you wish to test. Then press the
probe into your item and press ok. In a few seconds, the reading is complete and
your screen will turn green, yellow or red depending on the result.

You’ll see two numbers. The normal nitrate standard for that food, and the
sample you’ve provided. Results are displayed in mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram). The healthy daily intake for adults is 200-300mg per day.

Should I Eat It, Or Avoid It?

Let’s use Watermelon as an example! A normal level is 60 mg/kg. But if your
sample shows 350, you can either to find a better watermelon, or just eat a
smaller amount of the one you have, like 200g!

Or how about beets? They’re a high source of naturally occurring nitrates –
1000 mg/kg. So your device may show a normal reading, but perhaps you want
to stick to 100g of beets in your meal to keep your total daily nitrate safe. And if
it shows 2000, then you’ll know it’s a beet with an added load!

Of course seasonal, homegrown, and organic produce is best. But a long shelf life exposure can also contribute to the increased levels of nitrates in food.

We’ll let your SOEKS Nitrate Tester tell you that!

It Just Makes Sense.

Naturally, you can see the SOEKS Nitrate Testers are the obvious choice for
anyone concerned with food nitrates, and the health of their family. So if you’re
ready to eat more healthily, with fewer toxins you’re ready for Soeks Nitrate