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Radioactive materials

In certain areas of the world, many people agree that unusually elevated levels of radiation are being found in rainwater, seafood, meat, milk, strawberries, and mushrooms. And while the levels may not be instant life threateninging, there is an increased concern about the long-term effects since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. And when you combine this with exposure from x-rays, air travel and antiques, it’s only natural to have this concern for your family’s health.

Types of Radiation

You already know exposure to Gamma, Beta and X-Ray radiation, long-term or in excess is harmful. They cause irreversible changes to cells, DNA and promote cancer. So it makes sense to maintain exposure at normal background levels.

Of course, you probably don’t have PhD in nuclear physics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t monitor radiation levels also!

SOEKS Radiation Detectors (also known as dosimeters) are the user-friendly Geiger Counters for anyone concerned about the safety of their food, and environment. And while it may be a device so simple even a child can use, make no mistake – the Military Grade Geiger-Muller Tube in the Gen-2 gives you lab accuracy!

You’ll Be Amazed At What You Can Find!

You may be surprised to learn, those antique and vintage ceramics you have at home are hot with radioactivity! Cruising altitudes on flights are too!

Until the 1960’s Uranium, Thorium and Radioactive Potassium-40 were used in glassware, pottery, and ceramic dishes, like the brightly colored Fiesta ware, and yellow/green glow in the dark Canary Glass (… aka Vaseline Glass).

On the surface, they pose little threat – but when you consume acidic food and drink from them, they leach radioactive chemicals, which end up in your body.

Take one of the SOEKS Radiation Detectors home, hold it next to these items and you’ll see what we mean! Discover what you can and can’t use next to food! And when you take it along on your next overseas flight (… turn the sound off) you’ll see exactly how much radiation you’re exposed to on every flight.

Easy To Use!

Each SOEKS Geiger counter comes pre-set with normal thresholds, and uses visual display and alarm sounds to show your radiation exposure. Green tells you radiation levels are normal, orange lets you know they’re elevated and red alerts you to danger. And because radiation is a fluctuating energy, the unit also displays a bar meter, and refreshes readings every second (or 10 seconds depending on the model). You’ll also see a small arrow letting you know when background radiation is falling or rising. Like when you walk away or approach that radioactive glass, antique shop, or as your flight descends.

And If You Want Numerical Vales…

Your SOEKS Radiaiton Detector will display those too! It is pre-set to display values in Micro Sieverts per hour (mcSv/h - the universal unit of measurement around the World). You can also switch to CPM and Milli Roentgens per hour with EcoVisor, Prime, and Quantum models. Normal human exposure is 2000 mcSv each year. The lowest annual dose at which an increase in cancer is seen is 100,000 mcSv.

Not only can you test food, and things like antiques, toys, money, soil and air - you can also keep it plugged in via USB, running a continuous background check of your home or work space.

How Do I Know It’s Working?

Naturally, you won’t have uranium lying around your home, or live by Chernobyl and Fukushima. But if you hold the rear of your device next to the rear of your smoke detector you’ll see the meter rise. Smoke alarms contain the radioactive Isotope Americium-241. But don’t worry, there’s no danger so long as you don’t eat your smoke detector! And you’ll notice the radiation level drop as you walk away.

An Affordable Choice For Your Peace Of Mind

By now you can see the SOEKS Geiger Counters are the obvious choice for anyone concerned with radiation levels in their food, water, environment, or the objects they use every day! If you’re ready for an easy-to-use Geiger Counter with all the lab quality information to keep your family safe, you’re ready for the SOEKS.