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SOEKS 01M - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2nd Generation)


SOEKS 01M - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter (2nd Generation)


Now, more than ever people are concerned with exposure to radiation. And since the Fukushima event, it’s understandable. See what you’re exposed to with the easy-to-use SOEKS 01M Radiation Detector (2nd Generation).

  • Professional handheld Geiger Counter and Dosimeter SOEKS 01M
  • Fast and accurate readings with a laboratory grade certified Geiger-Muller tube
  • Detects radiation in objects, food, water, environment and basically everywhere
  • Constantly measures Radiation Background and Cumulative Dose
  • Easy to read color display shows Normal, High and Dangerous levels of radiation
  • Audio-visual alarms when certain levels of radiation are reached
  • Up to 50 hours of working time on a single charge* (unlike with ECOVISOR F4, charging kit is not included)

You May Not Have A PhD In Nuclear Physics...

... But that doesn’t mean you can’t monitor radiation levels also!

While our ECOVISOR F4 and QUANTUM models are more advanced, we’ve kept the 01M-G2 (2nd Generation), user-friendly with 3 Modes, each pre-set with warning thresholds. Green, orange and red alert!

SEARCH tells you if you’re near to a radiation source. BACKGROUND RADIATION shows you the radioactivity of an item or area, while ACCUMULATED DOSE shows doses for a period of time. Because radiation fluctuates a bar meter refreshes every 10 sec. An arrow lets you know when radiation is falling.

And while it may be a device so simple even a child can use, make no mistake - the Military Grade Geiger-Muller Tube gives you lab-accurate readings!

For The Data-Minded your unit displays readings in Micro Sieverts per hour (mcSv/h).

You’ll Be Surprised At What You Find!

Some of those antique and vintage ceramics, like Fiestaware and Canary Glass are hot with radioactivity! When you consume acidic food and drink from them, they leach radioactive chemicals! We’ll let the SOEKS 01M-G2 show you!

You’ll see elevated radiation at cruising flight altitudes too. And open your smoke detector and test it, you’ll see it spike too (… not harmful unless you eat your smoke alarm).

An Affordable Choice For Your Peace Of Mind

Obviously the 01M-G2 is an easy choice for anyone concerned with radiation levels in their food, environment, or the objects they use every day! If you’re ready for an entry level Geiger Counter with all the lab quality information to keep your family safe, you’re ready for the SOEKS 01M-G2. This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

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