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SOEKS 01M PRIME - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter


SOEKS 01M PRIME - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter


SOEKS 01M Prime has been discontinued by the manufacturer. CLICK HERE to VIEW NEW MODELS of Radiation Detectors by SOEKS

If you’re a novice or an experienced professional when it comes to radiation measuring, it makes sense to use a Geiger Counter / Dosimeter that meets you at your level. So we created The SOEKS 01M PRIME just for you.

Faster Than Our 01M Consumer Unit, PRIME is Incredibly Easy To Use!

In fact, even beginners can handle it.

The PRIME has 3 Standard Measuring Modes: Search, Background Radiation and Accumulated Dose, and still features easy to read visual Green, orange and red alerts with alarms showing exposure. An arrow shows when levels are falling and the screen displays bar meter, graph and numerical data.

But Only The PRIME Personalizes Your Data To Meet YOUR Needs

  • Now you can choose from mcSv/h, CPM, or McR/h
  • Instead of pre-set alert thresholds, you can now choose your own
  • The save function lets you store measurements and accumulated dose

If you’re someone who knows about radiation, or you work where normal background levels vary (like a construction site, antique shop or lab), you’ll know why this is so useful!

And Extra Performance

  • The work time is now an impressive 1000 hours!
  • Rechargeable batteries and a mini-USB is now included in your set
  • Monitor and preserve battery life by switching to standby mode!
  • The fastest readings of any Personal Dosimeter - just 1 second!
  • Latest Geiger-Muller Tube SBM-021, and upgraded processor for ultra-sensitive search

The Obvious Choice For The ‚ÄėNext-Level‚Äô Consumer

To anyone who already owns the 01M, or needs extra functionality, it makes sense that you‚Äôd choose the PRIME for tailoring radiation detection to your specific need. So if you‚Äôre ready to ‚Äėlevel-up‚Äô your Geiger Counter you‚Äôre ready for the fast, and functional SOEKS PRIME.

Newest and fastest personal professional radiation detector, the SOEKS 01M Prime. The SOEKS 01M Prime Compact Professional Radiation Detector is our fastest Geiger counter to date, producing radiation readings of beta, gamma, and x radiation in just 1 SECOND! Quickly becoming our best seller, the SOEKS 01M Prime offers more features than its predecessors, but still possesses the same accuracy, precision, and dependability of all SOEKS devices. Work time on one charge has been doubled to work for up to 1,000 hours or 42 days continuously, so you won't need to worry about battery failure, and it even includes an auxiliary power supply and rechargeable batteries as well. User friendly radiation detector ultra sensitive Search Mode has been upgraded to provide even more sensitivity than the 01M, and the Prime is capable of saving readings with timestamps as well. Another one of our customers' favorite added features is its ability to display results in more than just one unit - Now you can read results in CPM, uSV/h, and/or uR/h! As all SOEKS devices, Geiger Counter Prime arrives pre-calibrated from the factory and needs no future calibration. Featuring an easy, user-friendly design, operating this remarkable device is a breeze, and a comprehensive instruction manual is included in the package as well. It also features convenient and effective audible, visual, and text alarms when background radiation is elevated.

Also similar to our other SOEKS devices, the Prime is much smaller than a cell phone and extremely lightweight. It weighs only 2.8 oz, measures (HxWxD) 4.1" x 1.6" x 0.7", and fits easily into your pocket, purse, bag, car, or pretty much wherever you need to store or carry it with no hassle.

  • Features High Sensitive Laboratory Grade Geiger Muller Tube with unmatched¬†response in just 1 Second
  • Continuous¬†Work up to 1000 hours (42 days)
  • Readings in CPM, uSV/h, uR/h
  • Ultra-sensitive "Search Mode"
  • Ability to save readings with timestamp
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Audio, Visual and Text Alarms when Radiation Background is Elevated

What's Included:

  • Radiation Detector 01M Prime
  • Manual
  • Rechargeable Batteries AAA x 2
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • 2 Year Official Warranty from SOEKS USA


  • Radiation Background Level Indication Range, mSv/h 0.01 up to 999
  • Registered Gamma Ray Energy, mSv starting from 0.1
  • Accumulated Dose Indicating Range, Sv up to 40
  • Warning Thresholds, mSv/h from 0.3 to 100
  • Measuring Time, seconds starting from 1
  • Batteries NiMH Rechargeable Batteries AAA
  • Additional Electric Power Supply from a Mains Adapter or USB Electrical Power Supply Voltage Range, V 2,0 - 3,0
  • Continuous¬†Running Time with Display ON, hours up to 1000
  • Overall Dimensions H x W x D, inches 4.1 x 1.6 x 0.7
  • Weight, oz 2.8
  • Display Color TIF 128 x 160
  • Operating Temperature Range, C -20 to +60, F -4 to +140
The most popular Geiger Counter SOEKS 01M has become better with this update. PRIME is faster, works longer, has a better processor, auto-calibration and rechargeable batteries
  • The Most responsive¬†Geiger counter with super fast readings of¬†only 1 second
  • Constantly measures¬†Radiation Background and Cumulative Dose
  • Detects radiation¬†in¬†objects, food, water, environment
  • Built-in thresholds automatically indicate¬†Normal, High and Dangerous levels of radiation. No special knowledge required
  • 3 units of radiation view¬†uSV/h, uR/h and CPM are¬†recognized Worldwide
  • Super battery life up to 1000 hours (41 days)¬†on a single charge
  • Includes¬†rechargeable batteries, USB cable¬†and¬†wall¬†charger
  • Pre-installed 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Russian

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