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Is EMF Radiation Harmful to Health?

What is EMF Radiation?

We’ve all heard the warnings about radiation from cell phones, microwaves and other forms of technology. But should we take them seriously? In the end, most of us just go on talking on our cell phones and using our computers and other electronics, and let go of the worries about radiation. After all, our world centers around these electronic devices now. Is it bad to ignore radiation from electronics, or could it potentially cause negative health effects?

What Are EMFs?

This type of radiation is EMF, or electric and magnetic fields, radiation. These energy fields are given off by many electronics, including wireless networks, power lines, remote controls, radios, Bluetooth devices and the ones mentioned above. Nonetheless, these are artificial EMFs, while there are also natural ones that come from the earth and even our bodies.

Are EMFs Harmful?

The answer to whether or not EMFs could be harmful to your health is that there are two different types of artificial EMF radiation. One is the non-ionizing type of radiation that has a very low frequency and is therefore not considered a threat to health. This includes all of the electronics and appliances you have around the house or are otherwise commonly exposed to, including the computer, a home energy meter, power lines, the microwave and an MRI scan.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains that research looking at potential health problems from low frequency radiation did not have strong data backing up a connection between these EMFs and an increase in health problems. Nonetheless, studies continue to look at this because researchers feel the need for more information on the subject.

The other type of EMFs, ionizing radiation, has a higher frequency that is associated with damage on a cellular level in some cases when there is repeated exposure. This type includes X-rays, gamma rays and UV light.

Considerations About Low Frequency EMFs

Also, people do wonder about the potential consequences of low frequency EMFs. The World Health Organization, or WHO, explains that these EMF fields have a biological effect on the human body. Some people wonder if that effect could cause harm over time, especially as we are being exposed to more and more EMFs as we rely more on technology. An EMF tester could show you how much of this radiation you’re coming in contact with.

At this time, there is no definitive answer to whether these low frequencies cause harm over time, so more research is necessary, although the WHO feels confident that 30 years of research on the subject shows that there has not been evidence of health problems from the non-ionizing radiation. Nonetheless, the WHO does concede that the research has missing pieces.

How Much EMF Radiation Are You Exposed To?

You can get a much better idea of how much EMF exposure you have if you use an EMF meter in your home and other environments where you spend time. The EMF readings will show you if you are around high levels of EMFs.  

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