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Where to Buy a Geiger Counter

If you want to check the levels of radiation in your home from building materials, the basement, environment, and other potential sources, you can use a radiation Geiger counter. This widely used instrument finds gamma rays, alpha and beta particles, and nuclear radiation.

Instead of having a professional come to test your home, you can actually buy your own Geiger counter. This option is convenient because it allows you to regularly test your environment and feel safer in your household. At the very least, it could help you be aware of your radiation levels and make sure everything is safe. So what do you need to know about buying this type of radiation detection equipment?

Considerations When Buying a Geiger Counter

First, when comparing Geiger counters, make sure each one really is a Geiger counter and not a different type of meter. To distinguish this type of meter, look for a Geiger-Muller tube, or GM tube. Nonetheless, some cheaper tubes miss alpha particles, so they’re not quite as effective as better models.

In addition, you might want to think about the size of the unit. Some of these instruments are very large, but you might instead want a handheld one that you can bring to the office and other places to test your exposure when away from home. Handheld, or pocket, ones are often cheaper and they have the tube inside the unit instead of outside like with probe versions.

Also, compare the features of Geiger Counters of each one you look at, such as how quickly it reads the environment, how it displays the results, ease of use and what it might come with, such as batteries and a warranty. And as with most purchases, you probably want to consider the cost and your anticipated budget.

Where to Buy Geiger Counter

When searching for the right Geiger Muller detector to purchase, you can find used and new ones in different sources and at a wide variety of price points.

1. Geiger counters at SOEKS USA

We offer top-quality Geiger Counters at SOEKS website. We carry some of the main aspects you’re looking for in a Geiger counter, including an uncomplicated design, quick reads, quality displays and different options so you can pick the one you like best at your price point. Simply click Products at the top or bottom of this page.

Each model comes with its own special features and a two-year warranty to ensure it will last for you. Feel free to browse our website to compare the Geiger counters we offer and see if one of them will fit your needs.

2. 3rd Party Marketplaces (Amazon)

You can find a variety of Geiger counters for sale at popular marketplaces, such as Amazon. Here is a link to the list of Top-Rated Geiger Counters.

While you can find many different models it is always a risk that the model you pick would be unreliable with the superficial results. To avoid this mistake, choose SOEKS brand as every of our units uses lab-grade sensors and undergoes vigorous testing at multiple points during production.

3. Used meters and individual sellers (eBay)

We strongly recommend to avoid buying from individual sellers or purchasing a used Geiger Counter on marketplaces with no oversight, such as eBay. First of all, a radiation detector is a scientific equipment and needs to be tested by the manufacturer to accurately detect radiation before shipping to you. When a Geiger counter has been used by unknown individual or a grey seller you might get an unreliable equipment. Who knows what that meter has been used for, how it was stored, transported and how long ago it was manufactured.

Second, almost every used or 3rd party meter doesn't have the manufacturer's warranty. So it could easily turn out to be a costly mistake.


To avoid unpleasant surprises choose trusted sources to buy a Geiger counter. We are obviously biased here and recommend SOEKS USA website (you are currently here) - but not only because of this article but also because we stand behind the quality of every single Geiger counter we've made since 2008.


Aug 19, 2021 • Posted by Aaron Siwawa

I would like to buy a Geiger muller counter to test any radiation leakage on the rooms that we use to carry out X-ray examinations for patients.

Aug 19, 2021 • Posted by LORRAINE Chambers

Watch the true events in the movie “The Radium Girls” especially the ending statements. Chilling.

Nov 19, 2020 • Posted by William Faiman

Where can I. Buy a Geiger counter ?

Jan 09, 2019 • Posted by Tams

Hi, are there any precautions to take when using a Geiger counter to test for radiation from granite countertops? Can the device emit anything themselves?

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