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Is EMF Radiation Harmful to Health?

What is EMF Radiation?We’ve all heard the warnings about radiation from cell phones, microwaves and other forms of technology. But should we take them seriously? In the end, most of us just go on talking on our cell phones and using our computers and other electronics, and let go of the worries about radiation. After [...]

Understanding Safe and Dangerous Radiation Levels

Safe Radiation LevelsIt’s easy to be concerned about the levels of radiation you and your loved ones are exposed to on a regular basis. Are you putting yourselves at risk for serious health conditions from this exposure? In reality, some radiation is completely normal and safe to be around. After all, there are radioactive materials [...]

Radiation Detection Equipment for Pregnancy

How to Detect Radiation Exposure During PregnancyIf you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, there are many areas of concern for being as healthy as you can and taking the best care of your baby. You don’t want to expose your baby to anything harmful, so it’s important to consider radiation exposure at this time. [...]