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Dosimeter DEFENDER - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter (DISCONTINUED)

$125.00 $175.00 saving $50.00
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Dosimeter DEFENDER - Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter (DISCONTINUED)

$125.00 $175.00 saving $50.00
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  • The production of Defender has been discontinued by our factory.

    Please view the upgraded versions below: SOEKS 01M (2nd generation) - 10 second detection time, 50+ hours of work on 2 AAA batteries SOEKS 01M Prime (3rd generation) - 1 second detection time, 1000+ hours of working time on a single charge with included rechargeable batteries and charger
  • The "Defender" radiation detector has been engineered  by SOEKS Research and Development meeting the highest standards for detecting Beta and Gamma radiation in the industry.

    DEFENDER by SOEKS is intended to detect, display radiation background and alert a user depending on the dose of the radiation exposure and display cumulative dose. Radiation Detector DEFENDER portable pocket-size Geiger Counter dosimeter includes 3.5-inch military grade Geiger Muller detector tube SBM 20-1 that is the standard for surveying areas for potentially harmful radiation levels, detecting radioactive contamination in foods, packages, supplies, equipment, and people. The large colored display shows radioactivity background in dynamic graphs and numbers and changes color according to the levels of radiation detected along with the audio alarm.

    • Green - Normal Radiation Background measured less than 0,4 uSv/h
    • Yellow - HIGH Radiation Background 0,4 - 1,2 uSv/h
    • Red - Dangerous Levels of Radiation greater than 1,2 uSv/h

    User-friendly interface allows scrolling through the menu which has following options: Device Settings, Measure and Radiation Dose. Users can easily set a threshold value triggers from the list "Dose Level", access Screen settings such as Brightness, Themes (4 possible), Sound Settings ( Sound Volume for Alarm, Keypad, Sensor, and Dose) Accumulated Dose.

    Battery life is 10 hours of continuous use. Batteries are not included as we only have a few units left. You can use any 2 x AAA batteries. You may set up a trigger threshold by choosing the value from the list Measure Mode Measurement Units: uSv/h (microSieverts per Hour) Level in preset units Reading (within 10 sec)

    If Background Radiation is High Results Will Display Much Sooner Radiation Level Message About Radiation Background Status: NORMAL (Green), HIGH (Yellow), DANGEROUS (Red) Indicator of Readings Accuracy Measurements taken every 10 Seconds.

    Radiation Dose Mode Rate of Accumulated Radiation Dose: Dose Accumulation Time ( hh.mm.ss) Cumulative dose displays accumulation of the dose of radioactive exposure begins right after the device is turned ON and continues permanently until the device is turned OFF, regardless of current mode. To reset dose to zero, press "RESET DOSE" in the menu

    Current Radiation Background Level Features:

    • Geiger Muller Tube SBM 20-1 Readings in 10 Seconds
    • Cumulative Dose
    • Audible and Visual Alarms of Radiation Background
    • Bright, Colored Easy to Read TFT Display 126x160
    • Battery Life 10 Hours
    • Simple and Easy to Use
    • User-Friendly and Intuitive, Understandable Interface
    • Modern Compact Design
  • Product size Height x Width x Depth: 4 x 1.65 x 0.7 inches. Product Weight (with batteries): 2.6 oz. Product Weight (no batteries): 1.8 oz.

    What's Included:

    • Dosimeter Defender
    • Manual
    • Warranty Certificate
    • Batteries not included. Please use any 2 x AAA batteries.
    • 1 Year Warranty (automatically registered when you buy from SOEKS USA)


    • Range of Indicated Background Radiation Level, mcSv/h Up to 1,000
    • Registered Gamma Radiation Energy from 0.1
    • Range of Cumulative Dose, Sv Up to 1,000
    • Levels, mcSv/h from 0.3 to 100
    • Time of Measurements, seconds Up to 20
    • Display Format of Indication Constantly, Numeric and Graphics
    • Power Elements 2 x AAA Batteries rechargeable or non-rechargeable (DO NOT charge the device with non-rechargeable batteries)
    • Power Voltage Range, V 1.9 - 3.5
    • Time of Continuous Work, Hours at least 10
    • Overall Dimensions, H x W x D, inches 4.1 x 1.6 x 0.7
    • Weight, oz 2.2
    • Battery Charging Current, max mA 300
    • Current Consumption from charger or USB no more than 500
    • Output Charger Voltage from 4.5 to 5.5
    • Display Color TFT 128 x 160
    • Operating Temperature Range, C from -20 to +60 (-4 to 140 F)

    Designed by SOEKS, manufactured in Russia, DEFENDER radiation detector Geiger Counter has been calibrated and tested by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation and doesn't require additional calibration.

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Customer Reviews

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Huge Geiger Muller tube SBM20-1

The quintessential Russian tube. It's huge and very sensitive to beta and gamma than most. This is still one of my favorite all around beta gamma tubes. Great performance! I must say that their latest model is even more impressive.